PGSLOT’s Dragon Legend slot game, also known as Dragon Legend slot game in Thai, is a famous game based on the legend of the Chinese dragon of good luck and other auspicious symbols like carp and lotus.

The game may be played in any language. Enhance not only your own, but also the prosperity of the players.

A slot machine that has 5 reels, 3 rows, and a total of 9 paylines is a good example of a standard gaming mechanic. There are also two unique features that make it simple to unlock bonuses, large profits, and more than 10,000 opportunities to win in a single round. Both of these elements may be found in the game. Please read the following article. Solve all doubts!

Dragon Legend game’s default icon for a generic award.

There are only eight typical winning symbols in Dragon Legend, which is a much lower number compared to other 5 reel slot games of a similar nature. Those who make it simple for others to obtain rewards are afterwards rewarded more generously. The following is a list of the payout rates for each symbol.

The golden carp symbol offers the highest possible reward of 300 coins.

The silver carp sign offers the highest potential payment, which is 250%.

pink lotus symbol The maximum payout rate is twenty hundred percent.

There is a maximum payout of 150 percent associated with the lotus symbol.

The highest possible reward for the letter A is one hundred.

The highest possible reward for the letter K is eighty.

The highest reward of fifty will be given out for the letter Q.

The highest possible payoff for the letter J is thirty dollars.

The eight different symbols for the reward are split up into two distinct groupings. The carp and the lotus are the ones with the highest potential returns, but they are also the least likely to occur. And make sure to gather the letter of the alphabet, as this is the card symbol with the lowest reward rate. However, with these particular symbols combined, the odds of winning are significantly increased. A fair distribution of prizes should be maintained throughout the game. You can nearly always win when you play. Piggy Gold, a slot game based on a golden pig, comes highly recommended.

Special Icon for the Dragon Legend Slot

The Dragon Legend slot game contains two different kinds of special symbols, and both of these kinds of symbols are helpful in all of the game modes. as well as icons that bring about the bonus round of the game. The following is information pertaining to every one of the unique symbols.

wild symbol

The only place on reels 2, 3, and 4 where the word “WILD” appears is next to a red Chinese dragon, which serves as the game’s Wild symbol. This symbol’s defining characteristic is that it can serve as a stand-in for any of the other eight standard winning symbols, but it cannot be used in place of itself. The combination of a single bonus sign with the wild symbol in this game carries with it its own unique potential for a payout of up to 1500 times the amount of the initial wager.

Bonus symbol

Only the middle three reels include the Dragon Legend Bonus symbol, which is a foggy sky with the word BONUS written across it. When it is successfully landed, this Bonus symbol has the potential to activate the game’s additional features. The bonus game is triggered 5 times when all 3 images are present. This unique function offers prizes that are 10,000 times more likely to occur.

Dragon Legend Game’s Unique and Special Features

There are two unique aspects of Dragon Legend that both players and developers can take use of to reduce costs. Increase your odds of coming out on top. And has the potential to boost the total prize money for both competitions. The following information about to each property is provided by it:

double carp performance double carp exhibition It will only become active if the symbols for the Golden Carp and the Silver Carp appear adjacent to each other on the grid in a horizontal position. You will receive one free spin whenever this feature is activated, and any winnings from that turn will be increased by two. The low-risk slot machine game known as Circus Delight offers a daily payoff of 5,000 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Extra Features of the Game

More choices in terms of games The feature is activated even if there are only three bonus symbols present. During the course of the feature, there will be a roulette wheel that will spin for a total of 5 rounds. acted as the director for both the gold and silver carp. If the wheel is spun and stops in one of the slots, the prize that corresponds to that slot will be given out instantly.

In the event that the wheel stops in the prize slot, the winner will be awarded the amount that was previously determined.

When the reels stop on the carp icon, colorful koi fish will be removed from the collection tab as well as the reels. And the winnings will pile up in the wallet reserved for roulette. Both the bets and the winnings in roulette have been increased recently. Plus two additional free spins on top of that.

Players anticipate that the game’s reward component will significantly boost their chances of winning. due to the fact that in regular mode However, due to this extra feature, the maximum payout per symbol is 1500 times. 10,000 times is the greatest amount that can be won.

Consequences: Dragon Legend Slot Game Review

Dragon Legend Slot Game Dragon Legend is one of the most well-known and user-friendly PG SLOT games available. It features high winning chances and is appropriate for players of all skill levels who are interested in gambling for financial gain. The reliability of the gaming system is really high. You may speed up your gameplay by pressing the AUTOSPIN button, which will cause the reels to spin automatically. Each of the components of the award has a remarkable impact. Providing a playing experience that is both interesting and exciting, while also enabling players to win a large number of prizes with relative ease around the clock. On the homepage of the PGSLOTAUTO website or through LINE@, you can submit an application to become a member and receive free play bonuses. In addition, you can try it out for free. from the website’s TRIAL VERSION without needing to make even a single investment of Thai Baht

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