In Brief: The Beastwood Slot

How many of us have been sitting at our desks when we suddenly thought, “I can’t take this anymore,” followed by a daydream of quitting our jobs and finding our true calling? Many, yet it’s not always simple to switch professions. To Mr. Beastwood, at least. No, not MrBeast, the YouTuber known for his creative cash giveaways. Mr. Beastwood was a pirate who heard he could make more money and glory by hunting monsters on land. So, Mr. Beastwood is taking his golden harpoon and going to go capture monsters for cash like a combination of Geralt of Rivia and Captain Ahab.

Swedish developer Quickspin’s online slot Beastwood has an expanding grid that adds reels whenever a win occurs. If the name “Endless Reels” seems familiar, just wait till you see it in action; it’s a lot more fun in practice. To put it simply, if you’ve ever played an Infinity Reels slot machine like Money Mariachi, Hypernova, or Thor, you’ve had a comparable experience. Each play begins with the grid’s default configuration of three reels, each of which may carry four symbols. Cartoonish monsters and a dashing hero in the guise of Mr. Beastwood give Beastwood the classic Quickspin vibe. As the action shifts from the living room of the main game to the woodland of the free spins, where Mr. Beastwood goes hunting, a fascinating cut sequence unfolds.

Instead of golden harpoons, players can choose from a range of stakes, from 20 pence up to £/€100 every spin. This very unpredictable game (rated 5/5), which provides a default theoretical return value of 96.11%, may be played on any device. Payouts from the main game take up 67.18% of this total, while those from free spins account for the remaining 28.93%. Bear in mind that Beastwood with lower RTPs and somewhat altered stats can be encountered on occasion.

Beastwood uses a standard set of ten pay symbols, including the low-paying 10 through A card ranks, the medium-paying monsters, and the high-paying Mr. Beastwood. Minimum of three identical symbols in view, left to right, paying out at the bet multiplier, is required for a winning combination. Wild, represented by a golden x, replaces all other icons (save the bonus) to help you win. The first three reels do not count when a wild appears on a reel.

Wildwood: Slot Bonus Rounds

Let’s start with the Endless Reels feature, which works like most others of its kind. A new reel is added to the right side of the grid whenever a winning combination appears. If the new reel increases the size of a current victory, then a new reel will be used. This process of adding reels continues until a reel is introduced that does nothing to increase the value of any existing winners. After the evaluations are performed, the grid is reset to its initial size.

Symbolic Gain Increasers

It’s fun to play around with payment formulas. A Symbol Win Multiplier of 1 is applied to all winning combinations by default. The Symbol Win Multiplier is increased by the quantity of identical winning symbols that appear on a single reel. In addition, the number of wilds on a reel will increase the Symbol Win Multiplier by that amount. Payouts are calculated after each spin by multiplying the paytable value of each symbol by the Symbol Win Multiplier.

Multiplying Reel

Above Reel 5 and every third reel afterwards in the standard game is an x2 Reel Multiplier. All Symbol Win Multipliers are multiplied by the amount displayed on the reel with the Reel Multiplier.

No Risk Turns

If you get four or more scatter symbols on a basic game spin, you’ll win 10 extra turns. Each additional Bonus icon grants you additional three bonus spins. Free spins include x2 Reel Multipliers on reel 4 and all subsequent reels. The appearance of a scatter symbol triggers an additional free game turn.

Purchase Option

In the standard game, players may be able to purchase free spins for a price of 120 times their initial wager. The return to player (RTP) for purchasing the extra round is 96.38 percent.

Slot Judgment in Beastwood

Simply put, Endless Reels is just a different moniker for the same technique used by ReelPlay in their Infinity Reels slots and the NetEnt family in its InfiniReels games. You may recall the argument that arose between NetEnt and ReelPlay over who had the original idea and who had replicated the concept. It was a classic case of the chicken or the egg, but in the end the two studios just kind of shook hands and went their own ways. After Quickspin ‘stolen’ their idea, would either studio care? With bated breath, we await the response.

Putting aside any moral concerns, Quickspin has succeeded admirably in its debut Endless Reels release. Quickspin has taken a more straightforward approach for its first release, whereas ReelPlay’s considerable Infinity Reels experience has allowed them to create complex games like Money Mariachi. Not in a way that would become old quickly, though. The game’s high level of visual polish, animations, and dense fantasy concept contribute to its continued appeal. Rapidity of action and sophistication of features make up the difference.

One of the main goals is to rack up as many Winning Symbol Multipliers as possible while Mr. Beastwood is off hunting monsters. They may build up quickly if many winning symbols land on reels at once and the reels themselves provide Reel Multipliers. In a similar vein, the Doubler sign in Quickspin’s smash song Cash Truck led to a similar outcome. During 100,000,000 virtual spins, the studio recorded a maximum payout of 29,541.2x the bet, putting Beastwood ahead of Cash Truck in the maximum win stakes.

Beastwood has a touch of “you say infinite, I say endless,” but at least Quickspin recognizes this and calls the Endless Reels feature “new-to-us” rather than attempting to pass it off as an original idea. Even if Endless Reels isn’t brand new, players will still have hours of fun on Beastwood. Beastwood is like a well written story with gambling in it because to its beautiful design, interesting cast of characters, and unique features.

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